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Are officers' “gaze control and scan patterns” linked to their performance?
From Force Science News 2009

Do police officers who are highly adept at dealing with violent situations visually assess potentially threatening scenes in a different way than less skillful officers?
Studies of the “eye movements and gaze control patterns” of professionals vs. amateur athletes suggest that may be the case, and a unique research project just launched by the Force Science Research Center will confirm whether it actually is.
If it is, FSRC hopes to determine how less proficient officers can best be trained to emulate their elite peers and thereby enhance their level of performance.

What new gaze pattern findings mean for your training.

Part one of this series reported significant new findings from the Force Science Research Center about how an officer’s “gaze pattern” in evaluating a potential assailant affects his or her ability to win a gunfight.  The research reveals that “elite”, highly experienced officers are better able to quickly and accurately read visual threat cues, focus sooner and longer on where a possible attacker will present a weapon, and draw and fire faster to defeat an assault, compared to less experienced and less successful officers.

For the first time, tactical athletes (Elite Military & Law Enforcement) can train anytime or anywhere with the latest precision Black Box dual sensory training glasses. This patented technology is revolutionizing the Military training world and is regarded as perhaps the single most advanced and effective tool for training visual and auditory peak performance!

The basic premise of Sensory training is to stress load the sensory systems during combat-specific training so that the warfighter can be more proficient in combat.

By overloading the visual and auditory system, the tactical athlete learns how to adapt to sensory stress and becomes better at overcoming fatigue and breakdown associated with those stressors. Thus, when the warfighter is placed in real combat, they are equipped to perform at a higher level because they can process and react to sensory input with greater efficiency.

The visual and auditory systems are not unlike any other motor system in the body. It can be trained and improved by utilizing a series of sensory exercises, just as a trainer would use combat-specific drills to improve the warfighters’ overall performance. The sensory system responds to overload and progressive increases in the demands placed on it by tactical athlete. It’s similar to how the rest of the musculoskeletal system responds to the demands and overloads it faces in weight training.

In order for the adaptations in the sensory system to take place, there must be a regular, systematic training schedule using the Black Box strobe glasses for the warfighter to get maximum benefits.

The purpose of Sensory training is to give the tactical athlete that extra edge needed to outperform their opponent. Including the Black Box strobe glasses into combat-specific training programs will give the warfighter and their team an extraordinary advantage!

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How It Works

Eyes are similar to a pair of synchronized cameras that constantly receive visual information. All information entering the eyes is converted into signals which are sent to the brain for processing. We perceive images in the brain, not in the eyes. The brain gives instructions back to the eyes and also to other parts of the body as a response to the information it receives.  The entire process is done at unimaginable speed, but still takes time. How fast and accurately can it be done?  Well, that is what makes a dramatic difference in elite combat performance.

MJ Impulse Strobe Technology

Strobe Technology

Accurate Static Visual Acuity (Static Vision)

  • is a fundamental requirement for becoming an outstanding athlete. It is said the minimum vision requirement is 20/20. If an athlete has less acuity than 20/20, it is recommended that it be corrected to 20/20 or better before beginning Dynamic Vision training.

Dynamic Visual Acuity (Dynamic Vision)

  • is the capability of distinguishing object(s) whether the object is in motion; the observer is in motion or both. The concept of Sports Visual Acuity (Sports Vision) is broad; as it includes every aspect of our visual capabilities and encompasses the mental features used in performing athletic activities.

Basic Theory

  • It has been known many years that the strobe effect helps improve Dynamic Vision. When you see a moving object under the strobe light, you can distinguish the object image only when the strobe light flashes. This means the visual information entering the eyes is limited. In other words, a continuous moving image is sliced into multiple images. The brain has to compute the given information and create images during the blackout period to compensate for the situation; this is referred to as visualization. Considering the fact that we see things in the brain, not in eyes, such a process is possible, especially when trained.

Strobe Effect

  • One of most popular strobe effects is called the “Wagon Wheel Effect”. In the old western movies, you might have watched wagon wheels you knew were moving forward but they appeared to be rotating backward. This was caused by the number of frames per second in the film (25fps). The Black Box strobe glasses provide the same effect.

    Improvements from Sensory Training

  • • Threat identification: speed of processing and accuracy of recognition of cues for threat identification
  • • Enhanced visual vigilance: ability to sustain intense focus for long periods
  • • Enhanced situational awareness: central-peripheral processing for observing the big picture and rapidly adjusting to seeing just noticeable differences in details
  • • Recovery from loss of focus and mistakes
  • • Ability to quickly adapt to changing environmental demands
  • • Reduction of information overload and confusion
  • • Increased environmental awareness with increased accuracy and clarity of personal environment
  • • Attention skills and handling of multiple sensory stimuli, distractions and change
  • • Decrease visual change blindness and unintentional blindness
  • • Enable better decision making
  • • Improved overall cognition and motor memory
  • • Improved reaction to Body Alarm Reaction (BAR)
  • • Enhance mental toughness

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    MJ Impulse ELite

    MJThese patented made strobe glasses are a training tool that has a positive influence on combatant performance by means of visual training. MJ Impulse strobe glasses help achieve better visual concentration, eye-hand coordination and proprioceptive balance.

    Endorsements and Acknowledgement


    Review Endorsements

    Coach Al Wile, PhD (ABD)

    Director of Sports Vision
    United States Air Force Academy, Colorado

    "We have been using strobe type glasses for many years at the US Air Force Academy and the new Black Box dual sensory strobe glasses are by far more superior than any we have ever used.... they are user friendly, have a greater capability for exercise and much more durable than any of the competitors.  We use them with many of our intercollegiate teams including basketball, baseball, football, hockey, and tennis.  We are also utilizing them in our new state-of-the-art "battle vision" program, very similar to our sports vision training, with our security forces at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. This new program will better prepare our Air Force Security Forces troops being deployed throughout the world."

    Sensory Technology Improves Air Force Security Forces' Battlevision
    Air Force Security Forces' Battlevision Picture 1

    The MJ Impulse Black Box™ is the newest state of the art strobe eyewear technology on the market. The predecessor to the Black Box are currently utilized by the most dynamic sports vision training facility in the world, the United States Air Force Academy Human Performance Laboratory, which typically conducts over three thousand individual sports vision training sessions a year with Academy cadets.

    The sports vision training program was so successful that the Air Force Academy sports vision staff asked Dr. Al Wile, Ph.D., former Director of the United States Air Force Academy Human Performance Laboratory, to develop a vision program labeled “Battlevision”.

    Battlevision was the direct result of the requirement to develop a vision training program for security forces personnel for the Director of Research at Security Forces Headquarters at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas. The protocol developed was utilized in a research project tested by security forces personnel at Lackland Air Force Base and Eglin Air Force base, Florida.

    With the MJ Impulse glasses, the warriors learn to process and anticipate visual recognition without all the information, thus enhancing the brain cognitive response and increasing the vital focusing function between the eyes and the brain.

    The Battlevision experiment tested approximately 70 security forces Airmen from Eglin AFB and Lackland AFB to determine if vision training techniques could enhance target acquisition abilities and detection of improvised explosive devices.

    The results of this first-ever Air Force test showed positive improvements in both the targeting and IED areas after the training. Airmen who trained during the Battlevision experiment improved their scores by 65 percent.

    Each Airman had to spot and report pre-arranged IED indicators from the turret seat of a Humvee while being driven through a wooded area. Then, the Airmen walked down a road lined with concealed pop-up targets. They had to rapidly engage each target firing two shots before it disappeared. At the end of the six-week experiment, the Airmen and the control group repeated both scenarios with slight variations.

    There was significant difference in the experimental group during the post test. The airmen trainees took advantage of the vision training by using more of their peripheral vision. When a target would rise on the left followed immediately by a target on the right, they were in a position to engage both targets. Many in the control group never saw the target on the right.

    The most significant improvement in scores occurred on the targeting scenario where the experimental group showed an overall 14 point higher score. The results for the IED portion showed a three-point rise in scores by the experimental group. The experimenters quickly improved during the training sessions and by the end, many of the Airmen were tripling their initial scores on peripheral vision and reaction tests.

    The training targeted specific visual techniques; whether peripheral, depth perception or training their eyes to see key characteristics while maintaining the whole picture.

    The genesis of the study came from the world acclaimed vision training program at the Air Force Academy's Human Performance Laboratory, directed by Dr. Al Wile, a renowned subject matter expert in visual performance enhancement.

    Dr. Wile said that, "The MJ Impulse strobe glasses have proven to be an effective tool to provide the cadets with vision training exercises that enhance brain cognitive responses and increase the vital focusing function between the eyes and the brain, enhancing vision performance."

    The Battlevision experiment showed evidence that the security forces airmen who were introduced to sensory training technology, including MJ Impulse’s stroboscopic glasses, scored higher on both scenarios than the control group who had not and had a significant enhancement of target acquisition abilities and detection of improvised explosive devices.

    REF: King Jr., Samuel (2013, March 7). Experiment Improves AF Cops’ Battlevision. Air Force

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